Information about the Creekshire Pool

How do I sign up for trash collection and what day is trash picked up?

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Volunteers are needed for committee positions. If you can only give an hour during the  year, or if you can give several hours every week, we have a place for you. You may also want to consider service on the HOA board in the future. Contact a member of the board for more information.

When do I need to seek approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) in order to make improvements to my property?

ALL improvements to lots require specific prior approval by the Architectural Review Committee, and will be approved or disapproved based on compliance with the Declarations, these Guidelines and/or the aesthetic discretion of the Committee. Modifications made to the inside of a home do not require ARC approval.

How do I send a request to the ARC?

Requests can be completed online using your login information on the CAMS website. Click on the CAMS logo  below to access the login page.

If you have not registered for access to the site you will be shown directions on how to do so. Once you have logged in to the page         click on "ARC Request" to  the left on the  page. Follow the directions shown. Should you require assistance, contact the community      manager using the "Contact Us" page.

What are the normal pool hours?

     When School is in session:

         Monday - Friday:  4:00 - 8:00pm

                     Saturday:  Noon - 8:00pm

      When school is not in session:

         Monday - Saturday:  10:00am - 8:30pm

                             Sunday:   Noon - 8:30pm

What is the season for the pool? 

 The pool is open from the Saturday prior to Memorial Day until the end

of the day on Labor Day.

Why can't the pool stay open

after Labor Day?
The HOA board fully understands that there are members of the

community who would like to have the pool open after Labor Day. We realize the weather is still nice and would like to enjoy the pool ourselves.

However, there are a couple of major factors preventing this from happening. First, keeping the pool open represents a rather major weekly cost. There simply aren't funds available to pay those additional costs. Second, most of the lifeguards who do such a great job during the

summer are students and are not available after Labor Day.

Why can't we use the pool without lifeguards?

Laws in Mecklenburg County are very specific regarding this point. We absolutely must have lifeguards on duty anytime the pool is open. The board realizes there are other communities that choose to ignore this law, but we also realize our first obligation is to protect the members of our community. In doing so, we will always obey all applicable laws.

If we must have lifeguards, why are there signs at the pool about no lifeguards on duty?

This is a great question the board has asked as well. Because of some strange precedents set by courts, we post these signs as protection against lawsuits in case anyone breaks into the pool while it is closed and then sues the association for not having lifeguards on duty. Strange, but true.

What can I do to help within the Creekshire community?


Click on the

graphic below 

for the pool rules:

Creekshire is not located in the city limits of Charlotte and therefore is not included in the waste management contract for the city. Creekshire does not have a contracted trash and recycling contractor, so residents  can select their own contractor. 

The majority of residents use Select Sanitation, though some use Signature Waste, K&S Sanitation, or others. A full list of providers is available on the Mecklenburg 

County website. Click on the

garbage truck graphic to the

right to access that website.

Please keep in mind that no

garbage can or recycle bin can

be placed at the curb earlier than the night before collection and should be removed by midnight on the day of collection.