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A Word From the Board

​​​Structure of the HOA Board

Your Creekshire HOA Board has been busy since the annual meeting. Immediately following that meeting the board unanimously elected Morgan Strong as the board president. Morgan was doing a truly exceptional job, but needed to take a step back from that role. She resigned as President and the board is delighted to now have

her as the Member-at-Large.

Michael Tidd was elected as Treasurer immediately following the annual meeting and the board is pleased to announce he has been unanimously elected as President . The community is fortunate to have such a capable person taking over as President.  In order to take on this new role, Michael was required to vacate his role as Treasurer. That role has not yet been filled.

​The  Creekshire HOA bylaws allow the board to elect a Treasurer who is a resident, but not a member of the board. The board opted to do this once previously and elected a member of the community who was a CPA. The board is looking into this as a possibility again. If you, or someone you know in the community is a CPA and would be willing to serve in the role of Treasurer, please contact Michael Todd so we can follow up with that person. You can contact Michael by visiting the "Contact Us" page of this website and clicking on the image for Emailng the President.

Your HOA Board is now as follows:

     Michael Tidd - President

     Michael Burton - Vice President

     Katharine Wilson - Secretary

     Morgan Strong - Member-at-Large 

     Kevin Whatley - Director