What does Creekshire Cares do on behalf of the Creekshire neighborhood?

-  Deliver welcome gifts to new neighbors

-  Provide meals for those who have lost a loved one

-  Give assistance such as running simple errands for those                  

    who may be house bound or ill

-  As part of the Steele Creek community, Creekshire Cares will

   at times provide outreach to our area, as a whole, in the form

   of children's book drives, animal shelter supply donations, and

   other things as appropriate throughout the year


Creekshire Cares is a program managed by the Social Committee of the Creekshire Homeowners Association to provide assistance and care to those in the neighborhood, as well as our community

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 the Charlotte area

What is the criteria for receiving assistance from Creekshire Cares?

-  Must be a current resident of the Creekshire community

-  Please, no monetary requests

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