No Parking on Streets for Creekshire Residents

Update on the Park

The park on Kinnegal Lane near Brannock Hills Drive will be receiving some improvements soon.  An irrigation system is being installed and that will be followed by planting carefully chosen trees and plants. 

The board is looking forward to

completion of this project soon

so that everyone can enjoy the

beauty of this previously open

space that was in need of a 


We appreciate your patience while we are working on this.

Click the image above for information about

end-of life alarms on Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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All Rights Reserved 

It may be time to replace

your combination Smoke

and Carbon Monoxide


You may need to replace your Smoke

and Carbon Monoxide detectors!

Most of the homes within Creekshire

were built by M/I Homes between 2012

and 2015. At least in many homes, M/I

Homes installed hard wired Smoke and

Carbon Monoxide detectors with battery

back-up manufactured by Kidde. The

most common model installed is 

Kidde #KN-COSM-1B.

A member of the board spoke to a representative of Kidde recently and learned that this particular model has a life expectancy of 7 years and will give an audible warning when it has reached the end of its useful life. The detector will give two short beeps every 30 seconds to let you know the unit needs to be replaced. Changing the 9-volt battery will not stop the beeping sound. You will need to remove the detector from your ceiling and check the date of manufacture, which is shown on the back. 

Kidde no longer manufactures this particular model, but offers a direct replacement, which is Kidde model # KN-COSM-1BA. The plug attached to the hardwiring of your house will plug directly into this detector without the need for modifications. 

​For more information from the manufacturer on end-of-life warnings on detectors click on the detector image above. These units are available from many sources including Amazon. 

The most common smoke detectors used in Creekshire homes are also hardwired units with battery backup and are manufactured by Kidde. They have a life expectancy of 10 years. 

Book Club Meeting on May 7 

The Creekshire Book Club held a meeting in the driveway of Robin Burton using appropriate social distancing practices on Thursday, May 7.  The next meeting has not yet been scheduled, but please check the Calendar page of this site for updates.

This is a friendly reminder that street parking for residents is not allowed within Creekshire. Street parking is only allowed for overflow parking of guests. Creekshire residents are never allowed to park on streets within the community. 

Lawn Care Season is Here Again!

Yes, it's that time of year again. Most of the lots within Creekshire have Bermuda grass that goes dormant in the winter and then is ready for maintenance in the spring. We are fortunate to have many first-time

homeowners in the community, many who are not familiar with lawncare and the prevention of weeds.  As a reminder, weeds in lawns are not allowed in the Creekshire Community. Getting rid of weeds and preventing future growth takes time and effort, but can be achieved with proper care.

There are many ways to care for a lawn with Bermuda grass. The Start of North Carolina Extension Service provides some helpful tips on their website. To open a new window with that information, please click on the image below.​​

Sign Maintenance and Improvements

The Creekshire sign along Zoar Road nearest the South Carolina state line recently had its previously brown letters painted almond to make it easier to read. Some of the rocks behind the letters were also painted to make the letters more visible. 

The Creekshire Estates sign

nearest the entrance to the

Falcon Ridge development

will be receiving some 

enhancements soon, though

this likely will not happen

until the concerns with

COVID-19 are behind us.

Additional Spring Maintenance

In addition to lawn maintenance,

please inspect your home's siding

to look for mold and mildew. These

are common and need to be removed periodically. This can be accomplished

by using a brush with soap and water,

or by pressure washing. The inspectors

from CAMS will be checking for

this during upcoming inspections.

Also, should you wish to plant a

vegetable garden behind your home, please check the Rules and Regulations Handbook for specific guidelines. You will find a link to the handbook on the Residents page of this website. This includes a maximum size of 48 square

feet in an area of your back yard that cannot be seen from the front street. 

As always, please use the Contact Us

page of this website to contact a

member of the board or our friends

at CAMS for more information.​​