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The Creekshire HOA board continues to listen closely to members of the

community. The board recently voted to make a change to the rules and regulations handbook, as follows:

​    The allowable size for vegetable gardens has been doubled from 24  

    square feet to 48 square feet. The board was asked to consider this

    since some community members enjoy growing their own vegetables. 

    All vegetable gardens still require approval from the ARC and must

    not be visible from the front street.

Keep Your Vehicles Secure!

An unfortunate trend is happening in neighborhoods across the country. Thieves are entering unlocked cars and taking anything of value. There are no neighborhoods immune to this, including the Creekshire community. Several cars have been "broken into" during early morning hours. The one thing all have in common is every car was unlocked!

The best way to prevent

someone from entering

your car is to park it in

your garage. If you do

not have space in your

garage and must leave

your car in your driveway,

it is imperative for you to

keep it locked at all times.

Additionally, do not leave

any valuables in your

vehicle at any time. The

thieves stealing from cars are taking advantage of easy targets, which is unlocked cars. Thanks for doing your  part to keep the Creekshire community protected from this trend.

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