Lawn Care Season is Almost Here Again!

Yes, its almost that time of year again. Most of the lots within Creekshire have Bermuda grass that goes dormant in the winter and then is ready for maintenance in the spring. We are fortunate to have many first-time-homeowners in the community, many who are not familiar with lawncare and the prevention of weeds.  As a reminder, weeds in lawns are not allowed in the Creekshire Community. Getting rid of weeds and preventing future growth takes time and effort, but can be achieved with proper care.

There are many ways to care for a lawn with Bermuda grass. The Start of North Carolina Extension Service provides some helpful tips on their website. To open a new window with that information, please click on the image below.

No Parking on Streets for Creekshire Residents

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This is a friendly reminder that street parking for residents is not allowed within Creekshire. Street parking is only allowed for overflow parking of guests. Creekshire residents are never allowed to park on streets within the community. 

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